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The Australian Stock Horse, "possibly the world's most versatile horse, is often referred to as 'The breed for every need'. The Australian Stock Horse is a fine working and performance animal, renowned for its toughness, endurance, resilience and strength. It also has cat-like speed and agility, giving the horse a cosmopolitan blend of attributes which have produced the world's best at work and play.

The basic prerequisites of high performance sporting horses are a quiet temperament, intelligence and an athletic ability. The Australian Stock Horse has all of these qualities, and is now regarded as the benchmark for equestrian breeding excellence." - The Australian Stock Horse Society

Keystone Australian Stock Horse Stud, established in 2002, pioneered the breeding of registered pure bred Australian Stock Horses in the United States by importing two stallions and three mares from Australia and by having the first pure bred Australian Stock Horse foal born in the U.S.

Keystone Stud Australian Stock Horses are known for their temperament, athleticism and trainablity. Keystone Stud offspring are marked with a keystone freeze brand on their left shoulder.